Donald Trump Still Ignorant About COVID-19, Compares It With Annual Flu

US President Donald Trump just recovered from the deadly coronavirus. But his ignorant attitude towards it still remains the same.

Donald Trump Compares Coronavirus With Annual Flu

Donald Trump

The President and the First Lady were tested positive for COVID-19. And after that several officials of the White House also fell prey to the delay virus. But it seems like Trump is least affected by everything.

Trump faced some breathing complications and was admitted to the Walter Reed hospital. But now after recovering from the disease, it seems like he is still ignorant about following the safety protocols and precautionary measures. Despite his deadly encounter with the disease, all he cares about is the upcoming electoral campaigns.

When he was still being treated at the Walter Reed hospital he had tweeted that, he will resume the electoral campaign works as soon as he returns to the White House. But he completely ignored the fact that many officials have already been tested positive for the virus. And that the White House has completely turned into a containment zone.

It seems like Trump will never abide by the containment zone guidelines. Apart from that Trump has also announced that no economic stimulus package would be finalized before the elections. Thus he proved that even the shattering economy and countless deaths due to the virus don’t matter for him. Because all he wants is power.

Moreover, after his discharge from the hospital, he shocked everyone by removing his mask while entering the White House.

His Casual Attitude On The Virus

Even after having a close encounter with the virus, Trump still maintains a casual attitude about it. From meeting supporters despite having the virus to removing his mask before stepping inside the White House, he has done everything to prove that COVID-19 for him is no less than annual flu.

Donald Trump

And he has drawn more controversy with his minute-long Twitter video which he posted after discharge. In the video, Trump had a very casual tone about the virus. And what irked people the most is that he did not utter a word about the threat of the virus. Moreover, he did not ask his citizens to abide by the precautionary measures.

As all he said was that people should not be afraid of the virus. And he also assured that every single citizen would defeat it. But he forgot to consider the fact that thousands of his citizens have already succumbed to this disease. Therefore his casual attitude about the virus really poses a threat to the nation and its people.

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