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Joe Biden asks for $33bn to help Ukraine in war

President Joe Biden gives Congress $ 33 billion (£ 27 billion) in military, economic and humanitarian assistance to support Ukraine, despite the US claiming not to “attack” Russia. I’m looking for. 

Joe Biden said it was “important” for US lawmakers to approve the deal and help Ukraine protect itself.   The proposal includes more than $ 20 billion in military aid, $ 8.5 billion in financial aid, and $ 3 billion in humanitarian aid. 

Joe Biden
Joe Biden asks for $33bn to help Ukraine in war 3

 “It’s not cheap,”  Biden said  Thursday. “But succumbing to aggression will be more expensive if we allow it.”  The United States has already announced aid to Ukraine, but this proposal means a significant increase in aid. 

So far, Joe Biden said US military support for Ukraine is equivalent to 10 anti-tank weapons for each tank  Russia has stationed in Ukraine. But despite his strong rhetoric, he said the United States would not attack Russia. “We are helping Ukraine protect itself from the Russian invasion,” he said.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden asks for $33bn to help Ukraine in war 4

On Thursday, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Western military support for Ukraine threatened “continental security.” Biden also addressed concerns about nuclear conflict. On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov warned of the “serious” risk of a nuclear war in Ukraine that “should not be underestimated.” 

“No one should make empty comments about the use of nuclear weapons,”  Biden said. Mr. Biden’s first post-war funding request, approved by Congress last month, was less than $ 14 billion.

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