Restaurant in Saudi Arabia  close down for making Samosa in Toilet for 30 years

The restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was closed by authorities after discovering that it had been making samosas and other snacks in the bathroom for over 30 years.  Jeddah city officials have also discovered that restaurants use expired food. 

Some of them were two years old. Insects and rodents have also been found on the premises.  Officers attacked the restaurant after being informed that the restaurant had been in operation for nearly 30 years. Officials said restaurant workers did not have health card and violated residence laws. 


After that, the  restaurant closed. This is not the first time  a restaurant has been closed in Saudi Arabia due to unsanitary conditions. According to Gulf News, Jeddah’s Shawarma restaurant closed after the rat was found on skewers. 

A video showing a rat  eating  meat on a Shawarma skewer became a hot topic on social media, urging authorities to take action against the restaurant. After that, the restaurant closed.

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