Harsh Goenka shares the story of Mexico woman

Harsh Goenka the most famous industrialist has shared a picture on his twitter account about a mexican women who turned her pick-up truck into a portable classroom so that she could teach children in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The post of his went viral over the social media in a very short, the people really liked her spirit and willingness to teacher the kids at her place.

In the post of Harsh Goenka he wrote “In Mexico, school was cancelled because of the pandemic. This teacher turned her pick-up truck into a portable classroom. She drives 2 hours a day to teach children with autism who don’t have books or access to Internet. Success is about the difference you make in people’s lives,”.


Harsh Goenka

It is said that the lady used to drive for around 2 hours daily to reach the place so that she can teach the students in a peaceful environment.

The post of his touched the hearts of million people, everyone started commenting on that post and it got millions of views comments and retweets.

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