Guernsey welcomes few Ukrainian refugees

Under the UK Family Visa Scheme, Ukrainian refugees have begun to join family members in Guernsey. When Elena Pylypenko, Ava Inder’s mother, arrived, the first thing they did was go on a stroll.

“It was a beautiful afternoon, and my mother was able to enjoy simple walks after residing in a shelter for a few weeks,” she added.

Ms Pylypenko said she loved Guernsey, but she missed home and wanted to go back as soon as possible.

Her visa application was accepted in three days, but some of Ms Inder’s other family members are still waiting in Brussels for clearance to visit the island.


Alina Bendel described the three-week wait for her cousin Svitlana and her 10-year-old son, who had travelled to Bulgaria to get their visas approved. “It’s been emotionally exhausting for all of us,” she added.

When she comes, we’ll simply sit down and chat about the whole thing. I haven’t seen my nephew in several years.

“At the very least, they can start making arrangements and packing.” Over 200 people in the bailiwick have shown an interest in sponsoring Ukrainian refugees in their homes, which might be in accordance with the UK sponsorship programme for refugees without relatives in the islands, including some bailiwick families who wish to host Ukrainians they already know.

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