First Case Of Green Fungus Detected In Indore

India has detected its very first case of Green Fungus infection in the city of Indore. This has raised concerns about the rise in other fungal infections in the country.

Patient Infected With Green Fungus In Indore

Green Fungus

As the country is battling the second wave of coronavirus, the detection of several fungal infections has also worried health experts. There have been reports of fungal infections like the black, white, yellow and cream fungus.

After all that now India has seen the emergence of a new fungus known as the green fungus. The case was detected on a 34-year-old COVID recovered patient.

Green Fungus

This patient from Indore had symptoms like fever, nose bleeding, weight loss even after testing negative for COVID-19. That is when doctors doubted of fungal infection and it turned out to be green fungus.

How Dangerous Is This Infection?

Well, this infection is also known as Aspergillosis. The patient was actually shifted from Indore to Mumbai and after he got his test done at the SAIMS, his condition was diagnosed.

Green Fungus

As per the doctors, not much is known about this kind of infection on COVID-19 recovered patients yet. It is hard to say how it affects COVID recovered patients and normal patients.

But one this is for sure that the symptoms of green fungus is severe and needs immediate attention.

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