COVID-19 Restrictions Eased In Bihar From June 16

The state of Bihar is facing several relaxation in terms of COVID-19 restrictions as the infection rates have lowered.

COVID-19 Restrictions Relaxed In Bihar


The second wave of coronavirus hit India in the most unexpected times. In fact, it has done more harm than the first wave resulting in a large number of deaths.

Also the mutants this time were said to be stronger. Now it seems like our country is on the path of improvement. Recently the Bihar government has announced that the COVID-19 restrictions in the state would be relaxed to some extent.


The reason is that the infection and death rates have drastically come down in the state which is indeed a ray of hope for the entire country. Because Bihar is a state with a high population rate, and if cases have lowered here then there are chances of improvement in other states too. In fact, India is seeing a decline in daily coronavirus cases.

New Guidelines In Bihar

The current decline in the number of coronavirus cases has sighed relief to everyone in Bihar. But this time the government has decided not to handle things carelessly.

Hence CM Nitish Kumar has announced that the relaxation phase would be from 16 June to 22 June and after that if cases don’t surge then the relaxation would be continued.


The relaxation includes, government and private offices will function till 5 pm. Although shops and marketplaces would operate till 6 pm. But the CM made it clear that the night curfew won’t be lifted until further improvements.

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