Google Should Pay Media Publishers, French Court Passes The Order

Google is involved in the legal battle with the French Court related to an order passed by France’s competition authority that states that Google should pay the news agencies for publishing their news material.

French Court Orders Google To Pay The News Companies


In April 2020, the French court had passed an order that news companies will be paid by Google to publish their news. But then Google refused to abide by the order thus leading to a legal battle.

But now it seems that the French court has rejected all of google’s appeals and pleased and passed their final order. According to the final order, Google should pay all the French publishers and news agency who publish their news material on google. And this has been done for the highest good of the national media.

Thus France is the first country to have taken this step for the upliftment of the media sector. From now onwards the tech giant needs to pay the French publishers before publishing their news. Apart from that certain changes have also been made regarding the copyright rules.

The Legal Battle

When the French court passed this order in April, Google challenges the order. And stated that it is all about competition these days. Therefore they cannot really pay the same amount to all the publishers.


This tech company has also given its argument saying that they need to negotiate with the publishers and then come to a mutual decision. And that this the reason they want some changes to be made in the order. Although the company has come with a licensing fee fund called the Google News showcase.

And this fund is for those publishers whose content has a high quality. So now since the French court has finally passed the order rejecting google’s pleas it will be interesting to see on whether this giant tech company would abide by all the policies mentioned in the court orders.

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