“God Eater” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Adapted from a well-known video game, “God Eater” is an anime series we all are a fan of. The first season has made such an impact on the minds of the audience that they are waiting for another season. But can “God Eater” Season 2 be expected anytime soon?

“God Eater” Season 2: Release Date

"God Eater"

“God Eater” has to be one of our favourite anime series for several reasons. Its plot, characters and action is something worth appreciating. The first instalment of this series was released in the year 2015 or more precisely six years ago! And here we are anxiously waiting for its second instalment.

We are not even sure if the creators have decided to cancel “God Eater” and hence we are still hoping for the best. Many rumours started doing the rounds including the one where some sources had stated that “God Eater” Season 2 is slated to release in 2019.

But unfortunately, that turned out to be false and thus was a big disappointment. Also, we know that the video game from which this series has been adapted is releasing sequels after sequels so it is really hard to make out why the makers are not uttering about renewing God Eater for another season.

"God Eater"

Because there is no shortage of plotline because of the regular updating of the original video game. We hope that the makers realize that another season of this fantastic anime series will do them no harm as the fans are anxiously expecting it.

“God Eater” Season 2: Plot

As mentioned previously that this series is an anime that is adapted from a very popular video game. And therefore that is obvious that it has a very appealing plotline.

The story is about Aragami a devilish creature that devours human flesh. So the anime is all about the destruction of the Aragamis to make the world a safer place. 


In the very first instalment, we came to know that the only way to kill and destroy these devils is by using God Arch and an organisation called Fenrir has taken a vow to destroy Aragami. Many brave humans like Lindow, Shio etc have joined the organisation to fight against them.

Thus if another season of “God Eater” is ever released we will witness a tough battle between Fenrir and the Aragami.

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