“God Eater” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Fans are waiting impatiently for “God Eater” to come back with another season. The first season released in 2015 and left a huge impact on the audience.

“God Eater” Season 2: Release Date

"God Eater"

“God Eater” has been adapted from a very popular virtual video game series. We instantly became a fan of it after its release in 2015. Little did we know that even after six years of wait, the second season of the series won’t be there for us.

Yes! It has been six long years and we still are anticipating Season 2 of this series. The reason that we are still not losing hope is that the series has not been called for an official cancellation.

"God Eater"

And also the entire plotline of the videogame series has not been adopted yet. So there is a huge part of the storyline that has to be covered through the second season. Let us hope that the makers realize this and plan “God Eater” Season 2 soon.

“God Eater” Season 2: Plot

An organisation that aims to destroy man-eating creatures Aragami from this world, this series revolves around the efforts of the organisation Fenrir to eradicate Aragamis from the planet.

This anime is a perfect combination of action and drama. We have seen many bold characters like Shio who are ready to sacrifice their lives working for Fenrir. Because they all dream of a world free from the torture of the Aragamis.

"God Eater"

If another season is ever made a massive battle between the members of Fenrir and Aragamis can be expected. Let us hope that the makers announce “God Eater” Season 2 very soon.

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