Goa faces oxygen shortage issue

Goa is facing issue regarding the oxygen shortage. In the Apex government hospital around 13 patient have died due to the scarcity. n the early hours of Friday owing to oxygen mismanagement, even as the death toll of patients who died between 2 am and 6 am at the premier facility reached 75 in four days.

A video from the medical college of Goa for the place went viral over social media, the video clearly shows the chaos at the place, relatives pleading for assistance as well as uploading emotive snapshots of helplessness and lack of hygiene in the health facility.


From the ward number 145 a video clip was spreading rapidly, the patient was sleeping on the mattresses and the oxygen monitors beeping in the background and the dull echo of family members patting patients in a bid to reassure them.

Another viral video from 147 ward, where the family members of the patients were complaining the management for oxygen shortage and due to this around 6 to 7 people died that day. “The government says there is enough oxygen supply and is playing with the lives of people”.

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