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Salt worth Rs. 10 Cr washed away in Gujarat due to flooding

Salt stock of worth 10 cr. washed away in flood at Gujarat’s Little Rann of Kutch (LRK), the incident took place due to the cyclone Tauktae, says the people indulged in the production work on Thursday.

The gusty winds, flood and heavy rain destroyed around 3 lakh metric tones of salt. It is said that it was kept in the open area near saltpans for transportation.


The market price of one metric ton salt is around Rs 300 to Rs 350, The company faced a huge loss due to the environment. district coordinator of Agariya Hitrakshak Samiti( an NGO that works for saltpan workers), Bharat Sumera says that the loss is around 10 crore.

He also added that the time between April to June is very much difficult phase for the salt farmers, during this period they start the harvesting salt and keep the stock ready for transportation to godowns

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