Gaspard Ulliel died in skiing accident

Gaspard Ulliel, the most famous french actor died in a skiing accident. He was just 37 years old. He was hugely famous for playing Hannibal Lecter in “Hannibal Rising”.

Gaspard Ulliel grew up surrounded by film and grew up with him. They were deeply in love with one other “Jean Castex, the French Prime Minister, tweeted on Wednesday.

“We will revisit his most exquisite performances and capture his peculiar glance with a sorrowful heart. A French actor has died.”

Gaspard Ulliel

According to CNN affiliate BFMTV, Ulliel died on Wednesday in a hospital in Grenoble, France, following a ski accident on Tuesday.

In the 2014 biopic “Saint Laurent,” Ulliel received critical acclaim for his depiction of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. He went on to win a César for Best Actor in the Xavier Dolan film “It’s Only the End of the World,” France’s equivalent of the Oscar.

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