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Earthquake of 5.3 magnitudes in Afghanistan kills 26 people

The earthquake has made the scenario of Afghanistan very horrifying. Hundreds of homes were damaged in the western Badghis region, which borders Turkmenistan, as a result of Monday’s 5.3-magnitude earthquake. It also killed in western Afghanistan has killed at least 26 people.

The victims were killed when the roofs of their houses fell in the province’s Qadis area, killed 26 individuals, including five women and four children.

According to media accounts, the second 4.9 magnitude earthquake struck the region two hours after the first.

Earthquake of 5.3 magnitudes in Afghanistan kills 26 people 2

According to Al Jazeera, a senior official from the Ministry of State for Emergency Affairs verified the death toll and noted that more than 700 dwellings had been destroyed.

He also added that the earthquake also caused damage to inhabitants of the province’s Muqr area, although specifics were not immediately available.

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