French teachers strike in protest

French teachers have held protests in protest of the Covid-19 school rules. 

Changes to France’s Covid-19 school testing regimen are producing “continuous pandemonium” and “putting teachers’ lives at risk,” according to a spokeswoman for one of the country’s teaching unions, as thousands of teachers throughout the country went on strike.

According to CNN, roughly 31% of all schoolteachers in France went on strike on Thursday, with 38 percent striking in elementary schools and about 24% striking in secondary schools. The results were much lower than those released earlier in the day by a French teachers’ organization.

When challenged about the difference, Guislene David, a spokesman for the Combined National Union of Primary School Teachers, remarked, “This is the government downplaying once again the scale of the strike.”

French teachers
A man holds a placard reading “Funds for school” during a rally as part of a nation-wide striking day of teachers and students over salaries for teachers and the government’s handling of the health pandemic in schools, on January 26, 2021 in Paris. (Photo by THOMAS COEX / AFP)

According to the mayor’s office, 58 percent of teachers in Paris are on strike, and roughly 200 schools were shuttered on Thursday.

Around midday in Paris, a protest organized by teachers’ unions began. On Thursday morning, however, small groups of teachers were observed heading to the streets near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, as well as in other towns.

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