Franziska Giffey becomes new mayor of Berlin

Franziska Giffey, who is the former  federal minister, now becomes the  mayor of Berlin

It was informed that she, also in this year, quit Germany’s national government.

Finally, On Tuesday the news came out that she has become the leader of a three-party left-wing governing coalition.

Giffey was chosen by the state assembly almost three months after her center-left Social Democrats, the party of current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz narrowly defeated the environmentalist Greens in a regional election.

Giffey, 43, served as ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel’s last ministry as the minister for women and family until she quit in May over suspicions of plagiarism in her Ph.D. thesis. Her Ph.D. was eventually revoked, but she continued to pursue her long-held ambition of running for mayor.

She said at the time that she authored the thesis “to the best of my ability,” and that any errors she made were unintentional.

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