Australia bouncy castle falls 5 children died

Australia bouncy castle falls resulted in five children lost their livers and four children are badly injured due to this accident said Australian police. The accident took place due to the wind gust at a primary school fun day in  Devonport, Tasmania on Thursday.

The police confirmed that the children fall from around 32ft height. Boys and girls are in bad health condition. 

Authorities didn’t confirm the age of those students by it was informed that all of them were studying in grade five or six. So, we can say that the average of those students would be around 10 to 12.

Darren Hine who is the Tasmanian Police Commissioner states that he is very and heartbroken due to this accident. He is upset for those families, schoolmates, classmates, teachers who lost their loved ones.

Scott Morrison, who is the Prime Minister of Australia also said that the incident was unthinkably heartbreaking. Also noted that it was a fun day for those students but suddenly that turned into the most horrifying day

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