France strengthens covid-19 protocols

France has said that the covid restrictions would be taken more seriously with the concern of a new covid variant, Omicron.

The government has announced that from 3rd January everyone will start working from home and it has been compulsory for everyone. In terms of indoor events, only 2,000 people are allowed to gather at once.

It has been informed that around 100,000 new cases have been reported on Saturday, it is the highest number of cases reported in the region since the pandemic started.

There is no information about new year’s eve. It is anticipated that there would be a curfew on that day but till now, there is no such information available.

As infections increase and the new Omicron form spreads throughout Europe, countries across the continent are reintroducing restrictions.

According to surveys, the strain is gentler than Delta, with a 30% to 70% reduced risk of infected persons ending up in the hospital. However, there are concerns that the sheer volume of cases would overburden hospitals.

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