Taliban restrict women to go on solo trips

Taliban have said that no women are allowed to travel alone in any part of the world. They also added that if anyone wants to travel long distances by road then they must have a male.

If they are accompanied by even a single male then only women can use transportation. The regulation, which went into effect on Sunday, is the most recent restriction on women’s rights since the Islamist party got ownership in August.

It was informed that multiple secondary schools for girls were shut down. The government has also restricted ladies to work. Campaign group Human Rights Watch stated that the new restrictions are going to make women a prisoner. 

The injunction “closes off chances for [women] to be capable of moving about freely” or “to be able to leave if they are experiencing abuse in the house,” Heather Barr, the group’s assistant director of women’s rights.

The document instructs drivers to reject rides to women who do not wear Islamic hijab or facial scarves, although it does not specify which form of coverage should be used. The majority of Afghan women already wear a hijab.

It also prohibits music from being played in automobiles.

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