Former Minneapolis Cop Who Charged in George Floyd Case, Is Out On Bail

The death of Black American George Floyd in the hands of a Minneapolis cop had created havoc in the entire United States. His death has been termed as a result of racial discrimination. Therefore it gave rise to the Black Lives Matter protests in the nation.

Cop Who Killed George Floyd Has Been Released

We all remember the merciless killing of George Floyd on May 25. As he was suffocated to death by a Minneapolis cop named Derek Chauvin. He had pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck forcefully and did not remove it even when Floyd was pleading that he was unable to breathe. And after 8 minutes Floyd lost his life due to suffocation.

George Floyd

Although Chauvin and the other cops associated with this heinous act were taken into custody, now Chauvin has been released from the jail. Despite being charged with third-degree murder he is out on bail now. But this has really disappointed everyone one who was united to seek justice for Floyd.

And after Chauvin’s release, Floyd’s family members have stated that it was really painful. Because they wanted the prime accused to be punished for claiming the life of an innocent. But the law has released him instead. And it shows how biased the law can be sometimes.

Along with Chauvin, the other three accuses have also been released. And their next trial would be on March 8, 2021.

Black Lives Matter Movement 

The merciless death of George Floyd gave rise to an anti-racism movement called the Black Lives Matters movement. And people from all over the nation gathered to seek justice for Floyd and every person who has been a victim of racial discrimination in the United States.

George Floyd

But the protests even turned violent at many places and several people were injured and some even lost their lives. There were direct clashes among the anti-racism protesters and the White Supremacists. After Floyd’s death, another black woman named Breonna Taylor fell prey to racial discrimination.

And was shot dead by the police when she was at her residence. This incident ignited more violence all over the nation. But one cannot deny that racism still exists in the nation and it is going to be there for a long time. Even though President Donald Trump has always been reluctant to talk about White Supremacy but somewhere he knows that it still exists. And maybe he is a White Supremacist himself.

And by releasing the prime accuse of Floyd’s murder, the law has really let everyone down.

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