Canada To Stop Exporting Military Drone Technology To Turkey

Canada has been exporting Canadian drone technology to many countries owing to the great demands. But this time the Canadian government has decided to suspend it export to Turkey because of misusing of the technology.

Canada Government To Suspend Exporting Drone Technology To Turkey


The Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada Francois-Philippe Champagne has revealed in a press conference that export of drone technology to Turkey would be suspended. And this decision has been taken owing to the misuse of technology by Turkey.

And this is associated with the unrest between Armenia and Azerbaijan where Turkey is involved as well. According to Champagne, Turkey has been misusing the Canadian drone technology to back Azerbaijan in attacking Armenian forces. And there are many shreds of evidence to it. It has been reported that Turkey is using these technologies in its TB2 Bayraktar war drones and are igniting violence.

Therefore the Canadian government has decided to stop exporting drone technologies. Moreover, the Foreign Minister has also stated that many Armenian groups have also requested the Canadian government to look into the matter. And all these factors have been taken into consideration by the Canadian government.

Armenian Community Wants PM Trudeau To Take Action

The recent clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan has raised concerns as it has already created war-like situations. Apart from these two countries, many other nations have also been involved in this clash.


Now the Armenian community in Canada wants the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to back Armenia. Thus they are also demanding Canada to take actions against Azerbaijan and Turkey. Apart from that, the Armenian community is quite happy with the announcement that Canada has stopped exporting military drone technology to Turkey.

But this did not go well with Turkey. And the Turkish government has slammed Canada for being a hypocrite nation. They denied the accusations about misusing of drone technology. And called it a baseless rumour.

Now it depends on PM Trudeau on whether he actually wants to get involved with the Armenia-Azerbaijan clash or will choose to maintain silence on the issue.

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