Farmers in Punjab did not allow Janhvi Kapoor to shoot

farmers of Punjab did not allow Jahnvi Kapoor to do the shooting for her new upcoming movie Good Luck Jerry in Patiala, Punjab. It is said that the incident took place on 23 January in the evening. Sources says that the shoot was supposed to do at the Bhupindra Road, Patiala. But the farmers halted the shoot of the film. At that a group of farmers reached to shooting location.

They all asked them to stop the shoot right now. The production team tried to had a word of with them and tried their best convince them but it did not work out between them. At the end the team has to stop the shooting because they had no other option. Later on the whole team went back to the hotel where they all were staying, in the Neemrana Hotel.


All the farmers reached to the hotel where the team were staying and chanted slogans, they situation went out of control and at the end the police got involved. After the police came and they talked with them and assured them that the shoot of the film had stopped.

They said that till date no one from the industry has come to support them in the farmers protest and that is why they are also not going to allow anyone to do their shooting in Punjab until the farm laws are abolished. Next week, superstar Salman Khan is expected to reach Patiala for the film’s shoot.

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