“Erased” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

It has been almost five years since we got the first season of the amazing anime “Erased.” The series broke several records and thus made a mark in the anime world.

“Erased” Season 2: Release Date


We got the very first season of this Fuji TV anime in 2016. It was obviously a manga adaptation and was regarded as one of the finest adaptations ever.

The series had the capacity to create a huge hype among the audience both domestic and international. After the end of the first season, all the fans started to demand a second instalment.


But it is saddening that till now the makers have not responded to the fans’ demands to make “Erased” Season 2. We also have to understand the fact that the first season did not end on any major cliffhanger therefore if another season has to be made the makers have to think of other additions in the plotline.

And maybe they are not ready for that till now.

“Erased” Season 2: Plot

Sataru Fujinyama is a blessed time traveller! Well, our protagonist is a simple guy but with hidden miraculous power. He can go and erase mishappenings of the past.

The first season showed us how he travelled 18 years back just to stop his mother to become the victim of a gruesome murder. He also erased other events like his friend’s murder and much more.


The plot itself is so interesting and we want to see more of Sataru and his time travel diaries in “Erased” Season 2. We hope that the makers consider a second season in future because the fans can absolutely guarantee that the upcoming instalment will be as successful and the first one was.

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