“Demon Slayer” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

If you keep a track of anime series or is an anime fan, there is no way that you have never heard of “Demon Slayer.” This anime has to be one of the best manga adaptations so far. With just a single season it has made pathbreaking success.

“Demon Slayer” Season 2: Release Date

"Demon Slayer"

In 2019, we got one of the decades’ best anime series titled “Demon Slayer.” This action anime had everything the audience wants in their favourite series.

We did not even realize how we became ardent fans of the series. Also, the second season of the series has been creating a big hype all over. Due to unavoidable reasons, the second instalment had to face production and release delays.

"Demon Slayer"

It was last year when it was confirmed the season 2 of the series will be out in 2021. Although the exact release date is still kept under wrap. Close sources have stated that it might release somewhere in October 2021. After a domestic release, there are chances that streaming giant Netflix will air the upcoming instalment for the worldwide audience.

“Demon Slayer” Season 2: Plot

We absolutely love the brave brother-sister duo Tanjiro and Nezuko. In the first season, we went through Tanjiro’s journey of losing his loved ones and his mission to avenge the injustice being done to them.

Fighting such dangerous demons is not easy for the teenager. Thus he underwent strict training and developed all the required skills. So the upcoming season is expected to be all about the war.

"Demon Slayer"

The war will not only be between the demons and Tanjiro but it will also be between evil and good. We hope that Tanjiro will bring justice to his lost family by defeating their killers aka the demons.

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