“Disenchantment” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Netflix original animation series “Disenchantment” has made a pathbreaking success. It first came out in 2018 and this animated comedy entertained us with three seasons.

“Disenchantment” Season 4: Release Date


Created by Matt Groening this animated series has wooed the audience with all its three previous seasons. “Disenchantment” is one of Netflix’s best-animated originals.

The third season was released on January 15, 2021, and proved to be quite successful. Well talking of the fourth instalment although Netflix has not officially stated anything we know that it will surely be there.

Because we know that another 20 episodes of the original series have been bought by Netflix. And all the episodes were not included in the previous three seasons. There are approximately 10 more episodes left to be aired.


Hence “Disenchantment” Season 4 will definitely be there and it will have 10 episodes like the previous ones. But assuming any release date will be hard as of now because we don’t have any official announcement.

“Disenchantment” Season 4: Plot

This fantasy animated series is close to our hearts because the storyline and the characters are the ones we have grown up seeing and listening to.

We know that the protagonist is Princess Bean who is a heavy alcoholic. She with her two companions elf and personal demon lives her life as per her own choice.


Her demon Luci and elf whose name is Elfo are always by her side. These three go on adventures where they meet a lot of natural and supernatural creatures. In the previous season, we saw that Elfo has gone to make a prince blind whereas Bean and Luci are in their first afterlife.

So what will happen in the fourth instalment? Well, it is not that easy to predict anything. One thing is clear that the upcoming season will clear the confusion we had after the final episode of the third season.

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