“Yellowstone” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Yellowstone” Season 4 is one of the much-awaited series. Debuting in 2018 its three previous seasons were as fantastic as ever. Thus everyone is looking forward to the release of the fourth season.

“Yellowstone” Season 4: Release Date


We got the last episode of “Yellowstone” Season 3 on 3 August 2020. It has been almost a year since we have been waiting for Paramount Network to air another season.

Although it was informed to us on February 2020 itself that the series will absolutely make a comeback with another season. Since then we haven’t been able to stop ourselves from anticipating.


Especially when we are told that even the shooting of the fourth season was finished in November 2020 our excitement climbed to another level. But sadly as of now, the makers have not yet announced the release date. We just hope that it is announced soon and we get our much-awaited season before this year ends.

“Yellowstone” Season 4: Plot

A rich family having a lot of inner clashes and is targeted by other influential outsiders as well. Yes! This series takes us on a journey in the lives of the Dutton Family.


They own United States’ biggest ranch. Due to that, they have many arch-rivals that have turned into bloodthirsty hounds. Apart from that, even the family is not quite stable as the members keep on falling apart from each other.

As the previous season did not tell us whether Keith, John and Kayce will survive the murder attempt or not we are hopeful for an answer this time. Also, it will be interesting to see if “Yellowstone” Season 4 will bring the entire Dutton family together to fight their enemies.

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