“Demon Slayer” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Details

“Demon Slayer” has to be one of the most top-ranked anime series of all time. As anime lovers, we all know that this series holds a special place in our hearts. Debuting in 2019 the series has earned worldwide fame and its second season is highly awaited.

“Demon Slayer” Season 2: Release Date

"Demon Slayer"


Our screen was embraced with the very first season of “Demon Slayer” on April 6, 2019, with its last episode dropping on September 28, 2019. And since then we have been patiently anticipating the release of the second season of this anime series.

Adapted from a well-known manga series that was published in Japan’s popular Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the first season entertained us with a total of 26 episodes. Although it took a little longer for the makers to give a nod for the second season deep down all of us knew that our favorite anime will surely return with another season. 

And our joy knew no bounds when it was officially announced that “Demon Slayer” Season 2 is in the making and it will be out soon. As per the official sources, the upcoming season will release this year.

"Demon Slayer"

Yes, folks! gear up because “Demon Slayer” is making a return with its second season by the end of 2021. The only thing we need to do right now is keeping the excitement alive and wait for the makers to announce an official release date. Apart from that sources have also confirmed that the trailer for the upcoming season might be dropped soon.

Isn’t that exciting news?

“Demon Slayer” Season 2: Plot

The heroic antics of our protagonist Tanjiro Kamado and his quest to save his sister and avenge the death of his family is what makes “Demon Slayer” worth all the applauses.

Tanjiro is a teenager who lost his family to the hands of dangerous demons. He was left behind in this cruel world with his little sister Nezuko only to find that the demons have not given up. Things fall apart when the demons start possessing the little girl.

"Demon Slayer"

The only option Tanjiro was left with is to face the demons and defeat them which was completely impossible for a normal kid like him. That is when he decides to acquire certain skills that can help him fight the demons.

With the help of a demon slayer, we know that Tanjiro underwent rigorous pieces of training and by the end of the first season we saw that Tanjiro had indeed turned into a skilled demon slayer.

Thus we have so much to look forward to in “Demon Slayer” Season 2. Because finally, we can expect a faceoff between Tanjiro and the demon king. Will his newly acquired skills help him in rescuing his little sister or will he end up sacrificing himself to the demons? All the answers will be found in the upcoming installment.

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