“Big Mouth” Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Netflix animation series “Big Mouth” has gained massive popularity for its amazing storyline and of course the execution. The series debuted with its first season in 2017 and dropped four back to back seasons so far.

“Big Mouth” Season 5: Release Date

"Big Mouth"

An amazing animation comedy series by Netflix “Big Mouth” deserves all the applause for its uniqueness. The series has never failed to entertain us for four years of its debut.

Releasing back to back every year since 2017 “Big Mouth” has always maintained consistency. The release of Big Mouth Season 4 was little delayed to the pandemic but still, the makers kept their promise and consistency and dropped the fourth season in December 2020.

"Big Mouth"

With that, we also have a piece of good news that Netflix has confirmed the series for two more seasons. Thus “Big Mouth” Season 5 will definitely be there. As per the makers, the work for the fifth season has already begun. And is expected to complete by mid-2021.

Also maintaining their consistency “Big Mouth” Season 5 will be out by the fall of 2021 most probably maybe in December. But for the accurate release date, we need to wait for a final announcement from Netflix. And we don’t mind waiting for a little, do we?

“Big Mouth” Season 5: Plot

So now that we know that the fifth season will be out by the end of this year, let them analyze the plot a little. Created by Nick Kroll, this animation series has a very fresh concept that deals with several kinds of human emotions including love, lust, sorrow and much more.

Our young schoolgoing protagonists Andrew and Nick deal with their puberty like no one did ever before. They struggle hard to deal with the sudden changes in their body and minds and also cope up with the new emotions they are coming across.

"Big Mouth"

The boys understand the feelings of love and lust. So the plot of the fifth season is expected to be an interesting one. We know that Nick and Andrew have sorted their rifts in the previous season as they cleared out of the misunderstandings. And it absolutely made the fans quite happy because we love their everlasting friendship.

So in the upcoming season, we can see the boys exploring their hormones. Also, there are chances that Missy gets a new boyfriend in the upcoming season. 

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