Delhi To Train Atleast 5000 Youths To Handle the Third Wave

India is amid the second wave of coronavirus but Delhi has already started taking precautions for the predicted third wave.

Delhi Gears Up For the Third Wave


India has seen the worse when the second wave of coronavirus hit the nation at the most unprepared time. It was the time when things started to return to normalcy.

And that is when the second wave arrived when the government was least prepared. Due to the unpreparedness, thousands of lives were lost. Now the health experts have predicted that the third wave of coronavirus might hit the nation soon.


Thus the government this time might take necessary precaution beforehand. At least the Delhi government is doing so. The CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has said in a statement that they are preparing to train at least 5000 youths as health assistants to handle the third wave.

Youths To Be Trained At Well Known Medical Institutions

The CM has said that all these youths would be giving proper medical training. And for that nine major medical institutions in Delhi have been chosen.

Kejriwal said that due to lack of preparedness, there was no enough manpower during the second wave. But now after learning a lesson they are trying their best to ensure that there will be sufficient manpower to handle the third wave.


He said that applications would be from June 17, 2021, and the eligibility criteria are that the applicant should at least be 12th pass. And should age above 18.

The training period would start from June 28 and will have a batch of 500 hundred trainees each. Each batch would have two weeks to complete their training.

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