Delhi Police requests court not to grant anticipatory bail to Sushil Kumar

Delhi police is ready to take strict action against the two-time Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar. After the death of wrestler Sagar Rana in Delhi, Sushil kumar has been running away.

Now the Delhi Police has asked the Rohini Court not to grant the anticipatory bail of the most famous Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar. The court has reserved its decision on granting an anticipatory bail plea to Tuesday evening. 

Delhi Police

The report which was presented by the police says that during the brawl between Sushil’s men and former international wrestler Sagar Rana, Sushil Kumar was present. And later on Sagar Rana’s death news came out.

He police has said that Sushil Kumar should not get bail because he has a strong connection with the case. It is also said that Sushil Kumar has some kind of connection with criminals and and muscle men who can try to destroy the witness.

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