“Death Note” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

The first season of “Death Note” hit the screens way back in 2007 and was quite successful. This anime series had the potential to create a worldwide fan following and also left everyone waiting for the second instalment.

“Death Note” Season 2: Release Date

"Death Note"

We know that like most anime series even “Death Note” has been adapted from the Manga Novel series. No wonder why the plotline is that phenomenal. The first instalment had 37 episodes and had a very satisfying end.

But human beings are always craving for more. And thus we all want the makers to have another season maybe with a bit of change in the story. As of now, we haven’t heard anything regarding the renewal of this series although two movies on the same theme have been released so far.

"Death Note"

Although there is a hope that “Death Note” Season 2 might soon be announced because there are speculations that another part of this manga series is ready to be published. And that is where the makers will get the plotline for the second instalment. We just hope that they do not ignore the second part of this novel and adapt it to an anime series.

“Death Note” Season 2: Plot

A diary that has the ability to kill people is found by a teenager called Light Yagami. He starts misusing it and turns into a murderer. Actually, the names of the victims are already mentioned in the pages and Yagami goes and kills them.

Soon after a detective finds out everything as he enters deeper into the case. Towards the end of the series, we saw that Yagami has been punished for his deeds as he is killed. It was his arch-rival Ryuk who killed him.

"Death Note"

So the series had a proper ending but there is a catch that the diary has not been destroyed. So if “Death Note” Season 2 ever gets released we can expect the diary to be possessed by someone else.

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