“Erased” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

After the massive success of the first instalment all the fans are awaiting the release of “Erased” Season 2. The anime series came out in 2016 and till now we have been awaiting its second season.

“Erased” Season 2: Release Date


Adapted from a manga series written and published in 2012, “Erased” came on screens as a full-fledged anime series in 2016. It won the hearts of the audience within a small span of time and rose anticipation about the second season.

We know that it has been five years since the release of the first season, but we haven’t heard anything from the makers. Another season for this might be that the manga does not have any more plotline to explore. But another hopeful news is that the makers have not called for an official cancellation for the series and hence we still have hope.


There were also rumours that Netflix might take up the rights of this series and produce the second season. If that happens we will the happiest beings alive!

“Erased” Season 2: Plot

“Erased” has a very touching and interesting concept. It basically tells us the fascinating story of Satoru Fujinyuma, a middle-class man in the city of Chiba. But he is not as simple as he looks. Because he has been blessed with a unique ability or power.


Yes! Satoru can travel back in time and stop mishappenings. The first season showed us that his mother was brutally murdered 18 years back and now he can travel back and save her. Apart from that, he is also to save some of his friends from getting killed. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

The first season showed us how he did all of these. Hence if another season is ever made we can expect to get more details on the murders and why did those people commit the crimes. Apart from that, we can also expect the storyline to turn into something where Satoru can act like a superhero and prevent several disasters that happened in the past!

Well, these are just the fan theories made by us! Let us be hopeful and see if the makers bring in another season!

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