Cursed Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Details

After the massive success of the first season we are all waiting for Cursed Season 2. It premiered in July 2020 and was a massive hit.

Cursed Season 2: Release Date

Cursed Season 2

The Netflix historical drama received a warm response from the audience as well as the critics. Since the release of the first season, we have all been waiting for Cursed Season 2.

Although as of now Netflix has not officially renewed the series we can expect it soon. Because we know that Cursed Season 2 is inevitable because the first season left with many questions. And the next season is expected to bring in all the answers.

Cursed Season 2

We can expect the confirmation to come at around early 2021. And if everything goes as planned we can expect Cursed Season 2 to hit the screens by mid-2021 at the earliest.

Cursed Season 2: Plot

We know that the Netflix series tells us the story of soccer Nimue and Arthur and is an adaptation from an Arthurian legend. In the first season, we saw a lot of ups and downs in Nimue’s life.

We saw that she was shot by Iris who is influenced by red Paladins. The last episode left us in a cliffhanger where Nimue was on the verge of death after being shot.

Cursed Season 2

We saw her trembling from the hill to the river. Will she survive it? Nimue being the central character of this series is expected to survive but how will her life change after the attack? Will she finally be the lady of the lake?

Well, the upcoming season will tell it all.

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