Black Fungus Infection Resulted In Eye Removal Of 3 Children

The cases of Black Fungus is on a rise in the country. Amid the ongoing second wave of coronavirus, the rising cases of fungal infection are worrisome.

Black Fungus Got 3 Children Remove Their Eyes

Black Fungus

Black Fungus has been a cause for worry among health experts as it is rising at an alarming rate. During the times when the entire country is fighting against the deadly pandemic, the emergence of new diseases is absolutely a threat.

For a few months, there have been several fungal infections especially seen in patients who have recovered from COVID-19. And the black fungus is one such disease.

Black Fungus

Recently three children from Mumbai were diagnosed with this fungal infection. And they were all covid recovered patients. The fungus affected them extremely thus resulting in eye removal.

The Extremity 

Three children aged 4, 6 and 14 were diagnosed with the deadly fungal infection. All three had their eyes affected after the injection. According to the doctors, the 14-year-old was suffering from juvenile diabetes.

Black Fungus

These children had their eyes turned black due to the infection and the fungus would reach their brain if the doctors did not act on time. To stop the infection, these children had to sacrifice their eyes forever.

The surgeries were conducted in different hospitals. There was one more 16 years old with the fungus but her infection was in the stomach and she is currently under treatment.

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