Teams Sent By The Centre To States With High COVID-19 Rate

The Centre is taking quick measures to control the COVID-19 infection rate in states that are seeing high spike in cases recently.

States With High COVID-19 Rate Under Surveillance


The second wave of the coronavirus had its worst effect on the country. And as per the experts, the third wave is on its way and some states might have also entered the third wave.

In the past few weeks, India has seen a decline in infection rates. But there are still some states which are raising concern for the centre. Because these states are not seeing any decline in infection rates.


Therefore the centre has decided to do its best to bring the situation under control. For that teams have been sent to these states for proper surveillance.

What Will The Teams Do?

These teams consist of experts who will communicate with the local authorities to get a gist of the overall COVID-19 situation in that particular state.

They will determine the roots causes behind the spike in COVID-19 cases in those states so that necessary actions could be taken. After understanding the root they will suggest remedies and measures to the state health authorities to bring the situation under control.


Also, the reports prepared by these teams will be handed over to the centre. The states in which these teams have been sent include Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Chhattisgarh, Tripura and Kerala.

It is very important to control the spike of COVID-19 in these states before the entire country gets hit by the third wave of the virus.

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