Chirag Paswan Targets JD(U) For Trying To Break LJP

Chirag Paswan is currently in the news after being removed as the president of Lok Janshakti Dal, founded by his later father Ram Vilas Paswan.

Chirag Paswan Blames The JD(U) For Present Chaos

Chirag Paswan

The Lok Janshakti Dal has split into two parts. One part consists of the group of people who want Chirag Paswan to head them but the other group conspired against his removal from the party.

With the consent of five MPs from the party, Chirag Paswan was officially removed as the party President. Suraj Bhan Singh has taken his place as the party President.

Chirag’s uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras also wanted Chirag’s removal from his position at the party. Now Chirag has opened up about the entire chaos during a press conference on June 16, 2021.

Chirag Paswan

At the press conference kept by him at his New Delhi residence, Chirag Paswan said that he is still fighting to unite the party. He said that the section headed by his uncle Pashupati want to take hold of the party. But Paswan is keen that he would not let go of his father’s legacy so easily.

He also pointed fingers at the JD(U) for its involvement in this chaos.

Chirag Paswan Refrained From Commenting On BJP

During the press conference, he was asked if he doubts BJP’s involvement in whatever happened. The actor turned politician refrained from commenting anything on this question.

Chirag Paswan

He said that he does not want to blame the BJP without a proper reason. He added that whatever happened was a part of internal politics and BJP’s involvement in this sounds absurd.

Although he balmed the JD(U) because according to him, it has tried to split LJP even during his father’s reign. And now taking the advantage of his ill health things were conspiring against him.

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