Chirag Paswan To Commemorate Father’s Birth Anniversary With ‘Aashirwad Yatra”

Chirag Paswan and his rivalry with his uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras, elected as LJP’s new leader, have been making headlines recently.

Chirag Paswan To Commemorate Father’s Birth Anniversary

Chirag Paswan

Ram Vilas Paswan who passed away last year was the founder of the Lok Janashakti Party. And his son Chirag Paswan had taken the place of his father as the party leader.

But after some rifts between the party members his uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras was chosen as the National President in Lok Sabha. After which Paswan has claimed that he has been a victim of a conspiracy.

Chirag Paswan

He has taken a vow that he will claim his position back. IIn his statement, he recently said that he will organise a roadshow and rally named ‘Aashirwad Yatra’ from July 5to commemorate Ram Vilas Paswan’s birth anniversary.

The Yatra Will Also Be A Fight Against The Injustice

As per Chirag Paswan, he has been a victim of injustice and thus has challenged his uncle and everyone who conspired against him. He has said that he will not back out even to take the matter to the apex court.

Chirag Paswan

Hence this Aashirwad Yatra all across the state of Bihar will also be a beginning to his fight for justice. That is why the rally will start from Hajipur which was his father’s constituenty.

Paswan has asked for maximum support from the people so that he can save his father’s legacy. On the other has Pashupati has been clear about the fact that his election was completely justified.

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