China Eastern flight MU5735 crashed

Crash investigators apparently had no idea why China Eastern flight MU5735 disappeared from the skies on Monday.

Difficult terrain is impeding recovery efforts at the location of the Boeing 737-800 accident in Guangxi province. In China, where relatives of passengers and staff are awaiting news, there has been an outpouring of anguish.


Hundreds of rescue workers have been combing the heavily wooded slopes of Wuzhou for wreckage from the plane, which broke apart and set fire to the mountainside. There had been no official information on casualties until the Civil Aviation Administration of China held a news conference 36 hours after the incident.

“As of present, no survivors have been recovered,” Zhu Tao, aviation safety office director at the CAA, told reporters. “Based on the information we presently have, we still do not have a clear evaluation of the reason for the incident.”


He stated that air traffic authorities had repeatedly summoned the aircraft throughout its descent but had gotten no answer. So far, rescuers have discovered fragments of the 737’s charred wreckage. Images of the burnt remnants of letters, luggage, wallets, and identity cards belonging to passengers on board were presented by state stations.

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