Tesla transports first car from Berlin factory

Tesla launched its third assembly factory outside Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, and made the first Model Y car deliveries there.

The world’s most valuable manufacturer aims to recruit up to 12,000 workers and produce up to 500,000 vehicles per year at the factory. The capacity is comparable to that of the company’s current factories in California and Shanghai. The company is constructing a plant in Austin, Texas, which will be operational shortly.


Tesla’s expected expansion should be aided by the increased capacity. In 2021, the company sold 936,000 automobiles, nearly double the 499,550 it sold in 2020. Electric vehicles account for 10% of European vehicle sales, and they will outsell diesel vehicles for the first time in Western Europe in December 2021.

According to LMC Automotive, Volkswagen has a 24 percent share in Europe’s electric car market, while Tesla has a 13 percent share. VW sold 452,900 electric vehicles globally in 2021, almost half of Tesla’s entire output, but it sold 8.9 million vehicles in total.


Despite the semiconductor bottleneck that has hindered automakers, company sales have increased considerably. In 2021, it claimed a record profit. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, danced and spoke during the celebration, describing the facility as another step toward a clean energy future.

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