Mass Vaccination Drive Begins In Britain After Pfizer’s Approval

The world is battling with the pandemic and amid the tough times Britain has brought in a ray of hope. As Pfizer vaccine gets the nod for public use the country started its first mass vaccination drive.

Vaccination Drive In Britain


The Pfizer got its approval for public use just a week ago and Britain has already begun its first vaccination drive. It started on the morning of December 8, 2020, where the first set of people got their vaccine doses.

The first group pf people included older people and frontline workers who are at a high risk of infection. A 90-year-old grandmother named Margaret was the first person in the world to receive the coronavirus vaccine except for the ones who were a part of the trials.


The Pfizer vaccine will shield the people from the virus after two doses. Therefore the second dose of the vaccine will be given to these people after 21 days.

Britain has planned to launch at least 40 million doses of the vaccine and is planning to immunize at least 4 million people by the end of this year. Several other countries have already booked Pfizer vaccine.

Boris Johnson Gives His Statement

Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has battled Coronavirus in the past has always been working tirelessly to deal with the pandemic crisis. Providing that fact that the pandemic has severely affected the nation.


After Pfizer’s approval Boris has stated that the vaccination will definitely be a boon to everyone. Because at this hour our prime responsibility is to end this pandemic crisis.

The PM of Britain has assured that every citizen of the country will be vaccinated and together everyone will defeat the virus.

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