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Bristol chefs raise funds to support India

Bristol chefs and other community groups are working hard and trying to raise fund to support India in the pandemic crisis. They cooking food so that they could earn more money for India.

The Bristol has cooked over 220 meals and they are earned around £2,500 in its first week. They said that people are dying at this moment more than 226,000 have died in the second wave of the virus, most of them have died due to the shortage of medicines.

Bristol chefs

So, Bristol chefs are trying to help them to some extent. Kalpna Woolf who is one of the volunteer of the team said that they are not only cooking to get money but also their food will create connection between people.

She also added that when ever we offer food to someone, we move our hands towards friendship or to start a conversation. The group tries to cook every week so that Bristol chefs could earn as much as they can.

Bristol chefs

Later on they give the money to the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) which aims to collect £500,000 to provide oxygen supplies to patients, food to those who cannot work due to Covid, and medical expertise to health professionals in India.

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