Boris Johnson Criticized For Relating Farmers Protest To Indo-Pak Conflict

United Kingdoms Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing severe criticism for his recent statement. His statement was related to the farmers’ protest going on in India.

Boris Johnson Mixes Farmers Protest And Indo-Pak Conflict

Boris Johnson

The UK Prime Minister has drawn severe criticism and controversy for his ignorance about the farmers’ protest in India. The spark of this ongoing protest has spread to all the countries including the UK but Boris Johnson has very little information on it.

The Sikh Labours MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi was the one who posed a question at Boris asking him to give his opinion on the sensitive issue and what his government can contribute at a situation like this when all the farmers are deprived of their rights.

Boris Johnson

To everyone’s shock Boris’s statement was nothing related to the farmers’ protest. As he assumed that the protest is related to the conflicts between the neighbouring countries India and Pakistan.

He said that whatever is going on in India is a matter of concern but there is very least the UK government can do between it is up to Pakistan and India to resolve the matters and negotiate.

Boris had no idea that the farmers’ protest has nothing to do with the Indo-Pak conflict.


The UK Prime Minister is being badly criticized for his statement. The Labor MP Mr Dhesi tweeted saying that he is quite disappointed with Boris’ statement.

Because this was least expected from a Prime Minister of a country which has good ties with India. And not only that, the farmers’ protest has reached almost every nook and corner of the UK with its people supporting the farmers and yet the PM has no idea about what is going on.

Boris Johnson

Apart from Mr Dhesi several other politicians, leaders and common people are criticising the Prime Minister. The social media is full of posts trolling the Prime Minister for his sheer ignorance.

Some people are slamming him by saying that if he has no proper idea about what he is speaking on he should better skip the question. Because it is better to say nothing rather than speaking rubbish and we cannot agree more!

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