“Black Lightning” Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Black Lightning” by CW is undoubtedly one of the best action fiction series ever produced. It has four tremendously successful seasons so far and has been slaying the genre since 2018.

“Black Lightning” Season 5: Release Date

"Black Lightning"

Most of the entertainment lovers out here cannot deny that we always end getting hooked on shows that feature any superhero. Because at the end of the day we always want to get teleported to a fictional world.

And thus “Black Lightning” is the perfect series for us. This series is created by Salim Akil and because of its amazingness, it has survived four instalments so far.

Not only that the series has done great business when it comes to ratings and viewership. No doubt why the makers and CW have been giving green light to the upcoming seasons just after the release of the present one.

"Black Lightning"

We know that the fourth season came out on February 8, 2021, and after plenty of episodes, the last one was drooped on March 24, 2021. But with that, it was also clarified by the makers that the last episode of the fourth season would be officially the last episode of the series.

Yes! After four successful seasons, Salim Akil has announced that the legacy of this series will remain in the hearts of everyone and thus officially cancelling the series.

“Black Lightning” Season 5: Plot

The superhero in this series is Jefferson Pierce who possesses a special power. And that is of harnessing electric. Pierce tries to use his power to save his people and defeat evils.

"Black Lightning"

The final season of the series ended on a very positive note. We saw Pierce defeating Tobias Whale after a long journey of struggle. So it was clear in the end that metahuman babies won’t be used for destroying the world anymore.

Although if there was the fifth season we could expect to see more action from Pierce and maybe there would be a new villain in town.

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