Beryl Vertue dies at 90

Beryl Vertue, the TV producer behind Men Behaving Badly and Sherlock, has died at the age of 90. The media mogul, who began her career as a secretary and reached the pinnacle of the business, “went away gently” on Saturday, according to her family.

Beryl Vertue peers in the industry dubbed her “one of the most powerful women in British television.” “She meant so much to so many,” Sue and Debbie, producers at the firm their mother established, said.

Vertue’s career began when the Steptoe and Son writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, requested her to type up their screenplays. She began representing people like sitcom creator Johnny Speight and comedian Frankie Howerd in the mid-1950s, thus becoming a talent agent.

Beryl Vertue

Beryl Vertue also had success in the United States, selling programmes like Til Death Us Do Part and All In The Family.

She started Hartswood Films in 1979 and produced a number of projects, including Martin Clunes, Neil Morrissey, Leslie Ash, and Caroline Quentin in the 1990s sitcom Men Behaving Badly.

Vertue and her daughter Sue, who is married to series co-creator Steven Moffat, also produced the critically acclaimed drama Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sue and Debbie claimed in a statement that their mother remained smart right up until the end, grilling her daughters about work in her final days.

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