Wordle code can be copied to play up to seven years

Wordle code is easy to copy now, It has been shown that the code that operates the website of the viral puzzle game Wordle code can be copied and saved in order to continue playing it for the next seven years.

The discovery comes amid fears that the game’s sale to the New York Times would result in it losing its free-to-play status.

Those who know how to access the code, which is written in Javascript, see it as plain text. A step-by-step tutorial has even been issued in some periodicals. it would be easier for them to crack the wordle code.

Prof Alan Woodward, a computer scientist at the University of Surrey, stated, “Effectively, you can preserve a version of the game as it exists today with enough data to keep you going for a long time.”

Wordle code

“However, because the phrases are saved locally, it may be tempting to cheat, and where is the joy in that?” he continued.
He stated that separating the question grid from the answers would not be “that difficult.”

“You’d have to keep the data in a file that was only accessible by the game. In other words, separate the word data file from the functionality you perceive when playing.”

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