“Bandish Bandits” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Bandish Bandits” is Amazon Prime’s one of the best musical drama series released in 2020. The first season amazed us with the fantastic plotline and the soothing music and now we are eagerly awaiting the second season.

“Bandish Bandits” Season 2: Release Date

"Bandish Bandits"

This Indian Amazon Prime series managed to win millions of hearts with its amazing concept. A musical drama was something quite fresh for the Indian audience.

“Bandish Bandits” hit the screens on August 4, 2020, when the country was gloomy due to the worsened pandemic situation. This series was good enough to bring a smile on the faces of the audience in those tough times because not only the music of this series was soothing but we had an amazing story as well.

So recently the makers of this series said during an interview that they are quite happy with the kind of response this musical series has received. Thus they are planning for a second instalment because they know that the audience is eager for it.

But they also revealed that they made “Bandish Bandits” from the core of their heart with proper planning and thus it could be well executed. Therefore even this time they won’t do anything in a hurry and take time to decide everything. 

"Bandish Bandits"

So there are chances that the upcoming season might be delayed a little. As of now, the makers have not revealed anything on when are they going to begin the project. But taking a wild guess we can expect them to begin with the scripts by mid-2021 and start the shooting by the end of this year.

If that happens late 2022 seems convenient to release the second season of the series.

“Bandish Bandits” Season 2: Plot

A beautiful love story, soothing music, and a series of family feuds, this series is a beautiful amalgamation of everything. The makers have managed to touch the soul of the audience with such a simple yet enthralling concept.

We know that Bandish Bandits is all about music and love. The series centres around a young boy Radhe who comes from a family of musical legends and the female protagonist is Tammana who is a leading rockstar of her era.

They come from different musical background sharing a single common and that is their love for music. We saw that Radhe’s uncle who is the legendary musician of their family has never tried his hands in commercial music because he never wanted to sell his voice for money and he does not want anybody in his family to do that.

"Bandish Bandits"

And that is the reason Radhe’s family starts facing a financial crisis and thus forces him to start commercial singing with the help of Tamanna. But his joy is short lives as his uncle finds out about his commercial singing and punishes him. The previous season left us with Radhe winning the Sangeet Samrat and his uncle losing his hearing ability.

We also saw Radhe and Tamanna parting ways. So in the upcoming season, we will see if they will ever unite and will Radhe ever resume commercial music. Also, what will happen to his uncle if he loses his ability to hear? These are the revelations that will happen in the second season.

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