Ex-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Relocates To UAE

The former President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has fled to UAE after the Taliban seized administrative powers.

Ashraf Ghani Fleds To UAE

Ashraf Ghani

The Taliban has seized administrative powers in Afghanistan after U.S decided to end the 20 year long war and called its troops back to the country.

After that the then President Ashraf Ghani immediately left the country with his family. Initially there were a lot of confusion regarding his whereabouts.

Ashraf Ghani

But now it is officially clear that Ghani has relocated to UAE.  As the Taliban has taken over the nation, there is a situation of chaos all over as many citizens are trying to fled the country. 

UAE Releases Public Statement On Ghani’s Arrival

UAE has finally issued a statement on Ghani’s arrival to the country. As per the statement, UAE has officially accepted the arrival of the former Afghan President on humanitarian grounds.

Ashraf Ghani

Ghani in his latest social media post has revealed that he had to leave the country just to avoid war and bloodshed. He said that only a peaceful negotiation between the Taliban and the Afghan government could have avoided a war.

But several countries and the public of Afghanistan are criticizing his move, terming him as a coward.

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