PM Modi Holds Urgent Meeting On Afghanistan Crisis

Afghanistan is going through a crisis situation as the Taliban takes charge of the country. India’s PM Narendra Modi held an urgent meeting to discuss the crisis.

Modi Calls Meeting On Afghanistan Crisis


The entire world is a silent spectator of the crisis in Afghanistan. As the US troops have withdrawn from the country after two decades, the Taliban has taken charge of the nation.

The sudden withdrawal of the United States armed forces has earned severe criticism for Joe Biden and his administration. As every other nation is concerned about the masses of the Taliban ruled nation, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently called for a meeting to talk about the issue.


As many refugees from the nation have reached India and many of the Indian citizens have been airlifted from there, it was quite evident for Modi to address this grave issue.

Insights Of The Meeting

As per the reports, all the union ministers from major ministries like defence, home, finance etc were a part of the high-end meeting. Although the press has not been briefed on the exact excerpts of the meeting Modi is inevitably likely to address the refugee issue.


Because many people who are fleeing from Afghanistan have reached India for shelter and after the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act, it is obvious that they would be getting Indian citizenship shortly.

There are high chances that the Prime Minister might face criticism from the opposition and the states who are still against the CAA.

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