Apartment block fire kills around 19 people in New York

An apartment block fire killed around 19 people in a New York apartment building a fire. It also includes 9 kids.  Moreover, 32 people were sent to the hospital and they all were in a severe condition informed as per New York Mayor Eric Adams.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said casualties were located on every floor of the 19-story building, and that the smoke was “unprecedented.”

According to him, the death toll was the highest in New York in 30 years.

It comes only days after a fire in a Philadelphia apartment block killed 12 people, including eight children.

Apartment block

The fire broke out at 11:00 a.m. local time (16:00 GMT) on Sunday in an apartment on the second and third floors of the Bronx apartment building, according to officials.200 firemen were dispatched to combat the fire, which officials think was started by a defective electric heater.

According to Commissioner Nigro, the fire was on two levels, but the smoke had spread throughout the building.

Apartment block

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