“Anne With An E” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Anne With An E” is one of CBC’s evergreen creations. Also released on popular OTT platform Netflix, this series has won several awards so far.

“Anne With An E” Season 4: Release Date

"Anne With An E"

This drama series with an emotional aspect debuted in 2017. After that it bestowed us with four marvellous seasons. Its fourth instalment dropped in 2019 and it was as amazing as the previous seasons.

The ending of the fourth season looked like another season was on its way. Because the plotline had a lot more to convey. But a very disheartening news came our way.Netflix along with the makers gave a fullstop to the series right after the release lof its fourth season.

Yes it means that “Anne With An E” will not be continued anymore. But fans like us who wanted another season started online petition and thousands of signatures were collected. Each signature was a demand to renew the series once again. There were billboards in cities demanding Netflix to revive the series.

"Anne With An E"

But the makers have not given their reaction as of yet. Although our hope is still alive and we are still expecting that they consider this worldwide petitions and announce the fifth season soon.

“Anne With An E” Season 4: Plot

Anne made us laugh with joy, cry in sorrow and agonized in pain. This central character connected to the series because after all it was her story.

The little orphan who is nothing but a bundle of joy and hope is on a mission to make the people around her happy. She lands up in a rural town and finds herself living with a family where each members have a different notion for us.

"Anne With An E"

But our amusing little lady has her own way to win hearts. The fourth season left us with Anne stepping in her 16th year. This was the time when she should actually face the real world and meet new people. We don’t know why the makers decided to discontinue the series at such a crucial time.

If a fifth season is ever made we can expect Anne to grow up into a fine young women and step into another phase of life. 

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